Knowing God – in your own words

Since the beginning of May, most of our Sunday morning services have followed a series entitled Encountering God. The aim of this series has been to explore different ways in which we can connect with God, developing a relationship with him. This is often expressed as “knowing God personally”.
We’ve considered the following topics –

  1. Living with God
  2. Meeting God in Scripture
  3. Talking with God (prayer)
  4. Listening to God through the creation
  5. Hearing God through other people
  6. Seeking God in silence
  7. Sensing God’s presence
  8. Wrestling with God
  9. Walking with God

Now that we’re approaching the end of this series, I would be really interested to hear people’s views on this topic.
Most of us wouldn’t have seen or heard God with our physical senses, so what do we mean when we speak of knowing God personally? Is this language that you would choose for yourself? In your experience, is knowing God personally even possible? Whatever your personal story, it would be great to hear a little of your experience and the extent to which you feel “in touch” with God. What do you think we can or should aspire to as Christians?
Please offer your thoughts by adding a comment to this post!

Jonathan Burton