Sunday 30 June – Rahab

Rahab, a prostitute from the Canaanite city of Jericho, is to be found three times in the New Testament: once in the genealogy of Jesus; once in the “hall of fame” of those with great faith, listed in the letter to the Hebrews, and once in the letter of James, illustrating that faith is shown through works. Today Jonathan explored the subject of saving faith through the life of Rahab, from her encounter with two men from out of town, via the strange episode of the scarlet cord tied in her window, to her full induction into God’s chosen people to become the mother of Boaz and through his line of King David himself. Listen to or download his talk here.

Sunday 16 June – Hagar

Today Rachel started a new series looking at women of the Bible. Hagar, the slave of Sarai and Abraham, seems to have had a raw deal from the little that we are told about her in Genesis. She bore a son to Abraham before the birth of the true child of promise, Isaac, and as a result became the focus of jealously from her mistress, who was in a position to make her life a misery. However, we find that God had plans for Hagar, provided for her when she fled the household for the desert, and was present with her even when she felt most alone. From this story Rachel drew lessons that even when we feel most abandoned and helpless, nevertheless we can hold onto God’s promises and affirm that God is present and he will provide what we need. Download or listen to her talk here.
Again, we’re sorry for the sound quality – we are still struggling to record from the sound system, so this recording was made using a hand-held device on the lectern.