Sunday 15 Mar – Mission

Today Rachel spoke to us about the task of mission, taking as her text the story of the Roman centurion Cornelius, the first non-Jewish convert to Christianity. His story is told in Acts chapter 10. But this is not just a story about Peter taking the gospel to Cornelius – it is also about changes that had to take place in Peter to equip him for God’s calling. Peter was not acting on his own initiative, but responding to a call from the God who was already at work in Cornelius, and continues to work in the world quite independently of his church. It is not our task to initiate mission, but to see where God is at work and be prepared to change so that we can share in his work. Listen to or download Rachel’s talk here.

Sunday 1 March – Communion

Today’s was a Communion service, with members of the team contributing different elements to help us understand more fully the meaning that underlies the sharing of bread and wine in which we participate at these services. Both Paul and Phil spoke about the significance of the Passover cups – you may like to read a little background here. Otherwise, download or listen to our team members on Communion here.