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Here are some links that we hope you will find useful. Some of these resources may reflect a theological or doctrinal position a little different from our own. However, we believe that some diversity of opinion is healthy within any community, provided that it remains committed to the fundamentals of the Christian faith.

Please contact us with any comments, or with your suggestions for additional material that we can list on this page.

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Blogs & Websites

These websites provide thought-provoking commentaries on current issues. Most of them also link to other websites and material that they consider to be of value.

    • Glen Scrivener is a curate at an Eastbourne church and usually has something provocative or stimulating to say, often related to evangelism.
    • Glen is married to Emma, who also blogs, but about much more subjective issues.
    • Meanwhile, “the urban pastor” writes from Balham, although it looks has if he has more important things to do right now 🙂
    • The Jubilee Centre is a Cambridge-based organisation dedicated to Christian thinking about social issues.
    • Think Christian has a similar emphasis but from the other side of the Atlantic, so also giving an insight into American life.
    • Jon Coutts writes from Trinity Theological College in Bristol, but only occasionally.
    • WordLive contains a range of resources from Scripture Union for personal and group Bible study.
    • Equipped for Living exists “to communicate the timeless truth of the Bible to equip Christians to live as wholehearted followers of Jesus Christ”.
    • Christians in Science aim to show that it is possible to be both a committed Christian and a scientist. Their website contains many written and audio resources covering a range of scientific topics from a Christian perspective (and sometimes vice versa!)
    • TalkOrigins is a site that not only presents issues around the creation/evolution controversy from a mainstream scientific view, but also provides links to corresponding young earth / anti-evolution sites so that individuals can undertake a reasoned exploration of the facts and issues.
    • Desiring God contains a range of resources from the ministry of John Piper, the pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
    • Enjoying God comes from another American minister, emphasising the possibility that the Christian life is to be enjoyed!
    • RenovarĂ© is an initiative dedicated to spiritual renewal, and was started by Richard Foster. Its website contains a range of resources for developing the spiritual life.

    Articles & Online Books

      • bethinking.org is an excellent website, run by UCCF, the British support organisation for Christians at university, where many young people first encounter the Christian faith. It contains articles on many aspects of faith and its relationship to life and culture.
      • theologynetwork.org is a companion site to the above, but with a more theological slant
      • CCEL provides on-line access to a great many Christian classics from past centuries.
      • God and Nature magazine is published by a group of Christians in America active in the sciences, but its range of topics is wide enough to interest more than just scientists!
      • Mockingbird, on the other hand, is directed towards those of a more artistic inclination. American in origin again, but much of it deals with issues that affect all of us in the West.
      • G. K. Chesterton wrote many books, including a number dealing with his Christian faith.
      • The Jubilee Centre, based locally in Cambridge, “seeks to connect the world of the Bible with the world of contemporary society”. Some of the papers and articles are a challenging read, but there’s a lot of worthwhile material here.
      • The “Desiring God” website (above) has a section devoted to on-line books
      • Here is another website prayer for all people with a selection of on-line books
      • Yale University recently made available all the published works of Jonathan Edwards. He was a pastor in North America during the early 1700’s and was much involved in the widespread revivals that took place during those years.


      • Cranmer Hall in Durham hosts a podcast that aims to join the dots between theology, church, and the world.
      • The White Horse Inn is an American radio talk show featuring regular round-table discussions on faith, culture and apologetics.
      • The Good Book Co. offers a range of mainly book-focussed podcasts for your listening pleasure.
      • bethinking.org (see above) also contains many podcasts as well as articles to read
      • Christian Audio both sells Christian audio books, and also provides links to podcasts and other free material.


      • Music by Phatfish.
      • Robin Mark lives in Belfast with his wife and children. He is Director of worship at his home church there, working during the week as a specialist in acoustics. Several in the Gold Street community have recommended his music as something out of the ordinary. It spans a range of musical styles, but much of it uses traditional Celtic instruments such as the penny whistle, uilleann pipes and bodhran drum. One of his albums, “Revival in Belfast”, has become a worldwide best-seller during the last decade. A list of all his albums may be found here.
      • If you would just like to browse, you might enjoy a visit to Cross Rhythms, an online music store with a wide range of Christian music. The website contains samples of many tracks from listed CDs.