Sermons & Blogs

Sunday 3 Feb – Fan or follower?

Are you a Fan or a Follower? That was the question that was posed to us by the team leading today’s service. Fans are hugely enthusiastic, turn up for all the events, but in between times their enthusiasm makes little difference to their lives. Download or listen to what Anthony had to say about that here. Followers, on the other hand, are ready to change their lives in accordance with what they learn from their leader. Katie and Jonathan followed up with some more thought-provoking comments here.

Sunday 13 Jan – A time for everything

On this Sunday Paul spoke from Ecclesiastes. On the surface this can be a profoundly depressing book – “what is the meaning of anything?” – but it also contains guidance about finding satisfaction in serving God. It suggests that we can have hope simply from experiencing the desire for meaning and a sense of eternity in our hearts. Listen to or download his talk here