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Sunday 4 Nov – Rejection

I’m sorry for the absence over the past month – the audio recordings have been of poor quality for various reasons. I hope that we can be more consistent from now on. This Sunday, Jonathan spoke on the parable of the tenants (Luke 20:9-19), paying attention to the way in which the tenants rejected those sent to them by the owner of the vineyard, finally killing his own son. Jesus, the one rejected by his own, those he came to save, is particularly qualified to understand and to welcome those who themselves have experienced rejection. Download or listen to his talk here.

Sunday 16 Sep – He came for sinners

It’s easy to gain the impression that church is for the good – that people who lead broken, troubled lives, leaving pain and disturbance in their wake, are really going to have to clean up their act before they can enter the house of God. But that is completely the wrong impression – church is exactly only for those who know themselves to be wrong-hearted and desperately in need of redemption. Jonathan expanded on this topic as he preached from Luke 7 this week. Listen to or download his talk here.